Friday, February 3, 2017

Mr. Beams NetLight SpotLight review

Mr. Beams NetBright SpotLight  are motion activated with auto shut off like other lights, but they contain NetBright technology. This allows the lights to communicate with each other so when one senses motion all others on the network activate. This is FANTASTIC!

NetBright spotlights are great for home security and perimeter lighting. This will make your whole house light up outside if something or someone comes close to your house.

We are set back from the road slightly and have a cul-de-sac next to us. This allows us to install ourselves, and not have to hire contractor come install all the wiring. Talk about easy added security! This will help you be safer when you come up to your house as well.

These spotlights are great for the elderly so they can see their pathway lit up as well and prevent falls in darker areas that a light cannot be installed. This is especially helpful during power outages during the winter.

Each Netlight has 200 lumens and is motion activated from 30 feet. If you are closer to the road, you could just angle them down a little bit. They have great customization for your house.           
Mr Beams NetBright Spotlights have a 20-second auto shut off and cover 400 sq ft light coverage. While these are weatherproof, I would still install them under a protected area under the eaves. 

The spotlights are Battery powered by 3 D-cell batteries per light, not included and have a light sensor to prevent activation in daylight. For the most part the batteries seem to have a great life and don't need replaced very often. If you angle the lights to have less range by pointing them closer to your house, you will make the batteries last longer, as well as prevent them from going off all the time.

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